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BeNetSafe's report suggests caution if your child's online pages make public too-personal information such as his or her home address, real name, and age. It warns if your child's account is open to public view and offers a link to the online profile photo he or she has chosen. It also provides a summary report on the friends registered at your child's page. Of course, the biggest news may be the simple fact that your child has a social-networking account in the first place.—Next: Trolling for Trouble

And yet, it still seems that it takes too long to launch the application. But Nagarsoft came with the solution and developed an application that speeds up the access to different areas of your computer. It is a quick launcher that allows the user to open applications, websites, folders, documents, etc. by simply typing a command on the desktop or in any other active application. Sounds good and - to tell you the truth - since I installed the software and discovered its powers I am all hyped up about it.

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